Take a balmy evening, sprinkle in a few friends, nestle them around a table, add a pinch of fire magic and voila , you have the perfect recipe for an evening to remember.

Strathwood St Thomas Fire Pit TableAnd one of many more to come with the Strathwood St Thomas Fire Pit Table.

With a diameter of 42 inches, the Strathwood Fire Pit Table is an ideal size for entertaining a group of friends.

And its 22-1/2 inch height positions it between a coffee table and a dining table. Surprisingly, it is perfectly comfortable to use in both roles.

With its central flush-fitting cover in place the table presents a full, flat, useable  surface but lifting the cover reveals the magical ingredient

– a 22 inch diameter copper fire pit with a grate resting near the bottom.

Interesting to note we have a dual use potential here. On hot days it is a welcome facility to use the table as an ‘ice pit table’ keeping drinks chilled and, as evening falls, the copper bowl can be emptied and dried out ready to set up a fire. Needless to say, once the fire’s alight a domed mesh screen is supplied to sit over the fire pit protecting your guests  from any stray sparks.

Having lit the fire then – well – that’s between you and the fire genie !

Sit around your outdoor table with firepit surrounded by friends and bathe in the warm glow, enjoying a drink, relaxing, relating and reminiscing. Maybe toasting marshmallows and memories.

Whatever your choice one thing is certain. A Fire Pit Table
is guaranteed to put fire into old relationships and a spark into new ones !

A Fire Pit to Enhance your Alfresco Life

A complement to any patio or garden, the casually elegant Strathwood St Nicholas Fire Pit Table is robust yet light weight being fabricated from cast aluminum. Its powder-coat finish is dark brown enhanced with bronze highlights and silver flecks. Totally rust-free, the table is highly durable and weatherproof. The table-top pattern is of an open scroll ivy design and small adjustable feet allow for uneven surfaces.

And this non-rusting feature is a very real benefit. Anything fabricated from steel or cast-iron will, of course, rust and begin to look unsightly. Whereas the aluminum construction of this fire pit table renders it maintenance free and good-looking.

When delivered to you the table requires some basic easy assembly – namely attaching the legs and supporting ring – a simple task of no more than ten minutes or so. A small time investment into a future of many hours of enjoyment.

Here’s a tip for you though. Several users have made the suggestion of drilling holes in the bottom of the copper fire bowl to allow rain water to drain away when the fire pit’s not in use which on the face of it is good thinking. BUT if you do plan to use the table as a drinks cooler as well clearly this would not be a such a good idea.

The Strathwood St Thomas Fire Pit Table has certainly been given rave reviews.

Great feedback from enthusiastic fire pit table users


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Amy Wadley could hardly contain her delight with her Strathwood Fire Pit table and matching chairs.

In her opinion it makes the best chat set out there – and she’s seen a few!
Check out her feedback in this customer review. 

Here’s a review from one happy purchaser:-

Wonderful table. Heavy duty aluminum and the copper firepit bowl is substancial!! WON’T RUST, here in Florida!!! Wide ledge around firepit is a decent width for drinks and plates. Love this table!!! great price and very handsome. I plan on using wood as well as charcoal. Included grate makes the perfect grill to sit around with friends and cook kabobs! Highly recommended!!!
Looks fabulous as just a coffeetable. Flat large top, because of the removeable center cover.
Did need to drill a drain hole in the copper bowl to allow rainwater an escape!
My research paid off with this find!!!!


There is something very alluring about a fire.

In any situation, the existence of a fire automatically creates a focal point beckoning people to gather around.

To talk. To laugh, To reflect. To stare – lost in their own thoughts.

It’s warm, inviting, comforting and relaxing.
It is something rooted in our primeval past and indelibly wired into our very dna.

With the arrival of warmer weather and longer evenings once again comes the opportunity for outdoor social gatherings with friends and family and no doubt in many cases the central focus will be a fire. And with it will come the familiar, evocative smell of barbecue cooking and the chatty bubble of social interaction will pervade the neighborhoods.

This magic of the fire has now been encapsulated and incorporated into the more intimate environment of the fire pit table.
Many very pleasant evenings can now be spent outdoors in the garden or on the patio, sat around a fire pit table in the company of family, with close friends or getting to know new ones while relaxing in the warm glow of the open fire. Share a drink, share stories, toast marshmallows, barbecue sausages maybe and enjoy social interaction.

A fire pit table puts the magic of the fire at the centre of your alfresco social life.

A fire pit table is a sure way to bring added  glow to outdoor entertaining